Elastic force in Kant?s early works

Elastic force in Kant?s early works

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Elastic force in Kant?s early works

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Howard, Stephen
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2018
This paper argues that the notion of elastic force is an important and overlooked thread running through a number of Kant?s writings from 1754 to 1764. After presenting the historical context, I argue that the key aspects of Kant?s early understanding of physical elasticity can be found in On Fire (1755), and show how Kant attempts to explain a wide range of phenomena through elasticity. On my account, one aim of his account of physical monads is provide metaphysical grounds for elastic phenomena. Finally, I examine Kant?s hints that minds can be understood through an analogy with elastic physical phenomena.

    Howard, Stephen. Elastic force in Kant?s early works. En: Revista de Estudios Kantianos: Publicación internacional de la Sociedad de Estudios Kantianos en Lengua Española, 3 2 2018: 190-207

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