The Egalitarian Quality of Lottocracy

The Egalitarian Quality of Lottocracy

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The Egalitarian Quality of Lottocracy

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Jakobi, Julia
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2019
Abstract. Recently, political models which employ lottery-selection instead of ballot voting have been proposed. Proponents argue that such lottocraticmodels can improve the representation of the population and reduce undemocratic influences. In this paper, I argue that these proposals also satisfy the egalitarian requirement of democracy. I claim that having an equal chance to be selected by lot is equally egalitarian as having an equally weighed vote for two reasons: first, having a chance to be selected by lot satisfies the requirement for political justicebetter than electoral democracy and second, it provides citizens with equal political influence and not merely equal impact. Keywords: Lottocracy, Procedural Democracy, Political Equality, Political Fairness, Egalitarian Democracy

    Jakobi, Julia. The Egalitarian Quality of Lottocracy. En: Quaderns de filosofia, 6 2 2019: 43-61

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