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Doce poemas

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Marrone, Tito
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2019
Tito Marrone, pseudonym of Sebastiano Amedeo Marrone (Trapani 1882 - Rome 1967) publishes Cesellature in 1899, when he was seventeen years old. Three later his family emigrates to Rome and the young Tito frequents literary coffees and magazines of the moment: he becomes part of the prolific twilight Cenacle of the Primo Novecento. In 1904 he published Liriche and devoted to theatrical activity; then Maria Valle arrives in her life, love of a sad epilogue. The young woman, like so many of her time, dies affected by tuberculosis in 1909. Moved by the tragedy and disenchanted by the minimum scope of her poetry, he decided to stop writing crepuscular poetry.

    Marrone, Tito. Doce poemas. En: Zibaldone. Estudios italianos, 7 1-2 2019: 189-211

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