Communicative Language Skills Improvement Programme. (CELSIP) Vol.4

Communicative Language Skills Improvement Programme. (CELSIP) Vol.4

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Communicative Language Skills Improvement Programme. (CELSIP) Vol.4

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Alcantud Díaz, María Perfil; Soler Pardo, Betlem
This document is a ejercicioDate2020

    [-] The digital revolution of the recent years has led to new ways of learning through combining innovative and traditional methods. In order to engage our students in this new methods, we have designed a project called “Communicative English Language Skills Improvement Program” (CELSIP) so our learners will be able to achieve a higher communicative level in English through a wide range of multimedia resources as, for instance, audio-books, learning apps, educational websites, TV series, films, board games, and music. These multimodal tools are of easy access to students since the vast majority are friendly-user. Our duty through this project was to select the most useful ones for all kind of learners to improve a foreign language and to make them visible to our students indicating the aim of each tool at the time we help them become autonomous learners of English. Thus, the objective of this article is threefold, firstly, we shall describe the characteristics of the project named CELSIP, secondly, explain the several possibilities it can offer to our students, next to analyse the feasibility of the CELSIP using the SWOT framework. It is hoped that the SWOT framework will provide an objective and critical perspective of the CELSIP usefulness and effectiveness as a whole. In addition, it can provide prompts involved in the analysis of what is effective and less effective in the program sections and procedures
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