El principio de spallanzani

El principio de spallanzani

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El principio de spallanzani

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Ridruejo Alonso, Emilio
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2019
The Italian Lazzaro Spallanzani (1729 - 1799) is well known as the scientist who dismantled theories of spontaneous generation. But Spallanzani was also a pioneer in the study of the regeneration of living beings. In 1768 he published the Prodromo, a work on animal reproduction, in which he was also interested in regeneration. Spallanzani described several types of regeneration, that of the frog's tail and the tips of the salamander. Before, in a letter addressed in 1766 to the Swiss biologist Charles Bonnet, he had also described the regeneration of the earthworm, the slug or the snail.

    Ridruejo Alonso, Emilio. El principio de spallanzani. En: Normas: revista de estudios lingüísticos hispánicos, 9 1 2019: 160-174

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