Reflexiones acerca de la Salud Ambiental

Reflexiones acerca de la Salud Ambiental

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Reflexiones acerca de la Salud Ambiental

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Carrasquer Zamora, José; Ponz Miranda, Adrián; Carrasquer Álvarez, Beatriz; Álvarez Sevilla, María Victoria
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The concepts of health and environment are commonly used in various social and scientific fields. That makes their significance very broad and with unclear limits in many cases. This paper provides diverse approaches in which these limits are set. Those aspects whose use should be extended or those which should be more emphasized have been specified as well. In this respect, the educational field takes importance. In spite of the efforts in recent decades, results do not seem to be as expected. It is considered that approaches focused on natural aspects without taking into account others such as social sustainability should be redirected.

    Carrasquer Zamora, José ; Ponz Miranda, Adrián ; Carrasquer Álvarez, Beatriz ; Álvarez Sevilla, María Victoria. Reflexiones acerca de la Salud Ambiental. En: Didáctica de las ciencias experimentales y sociales, 36 2019: 115-128

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