Moving in the anthropocene: global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements

Moving in the anthropocene: global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements

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Moving in the anthropocene: global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements

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Tucker, M.A; Böhning-Gaese, K.; Fagan, W.F; Fryxell, J.M.; Van Moorter, B.; ALberts, S.C.; Ali, A.H.; Allen, A.M; Attias, N.; Avgar, T.; Bartlam-Brooks, H.; Bayarbaatar, B.; Belant, J.L; Bertassoni, A.; Beyer, D.; Bidner, L.; Van Beest, F.M; Blake, S.; Blaum, N.; Bracis, C.; Brown, D.; De Bruyn, P.J.N.; Cagnacci, F.; Calabrese, J.M.; Camilo-Alves, C.; Chamaillé-Jammes, S.; Chiaradia, A.; Davidson, S.C; Dennis, T.; Destefano, S.; Diefenbach, D.; Douglas-Hamilton, I.; Fennesy, J.; Fichtel, C.; Fiedler, W.; Fischer, C.; Fischoff, I.; Fleming, C.H.; Ford, A.; Fritz, S.
This document is a artículoDate2018
Animal movement is fundamental for ecosystem functioning and species survival, yet the effects of the anthropogenic footprint on animal movements have not been estimated across species. Using a unique GPS-tracking database of 803 individuals across 57 species, we found that movements of mammals in areas with a comparatively high human footprint were on average one-half to one-third the extent of their movements in areas with a low human footprint. We attribute this reduction to behavioral changes of individual animals and to the exclusion of species with long-range movements from areas with higher human impact. Global loss of vagility alters a key ecological trait of animals that affects not only population persistence but also ecosystem processes such as predator-prey interactions, nutrient cycling, and disease transmission.

    Tucker, M.A Böhning-Gaese, K. Fagan, W.F Fryxell, J.M. Van Moorter, B. ALberts, S.C. Ali, A.H. Allen, A.M Attias, N. Avgar, T. Bartlam-Brooks, H. Bayarbaatar, B. Belant, J.L Bertassoni, A. Beyer, D. Bidner, L. Van Beest, F.M Blake, S. Blaum, N. Bracis, C. Brown, D. De Bruyn, P.J.N. Cagnacci, F. Calabrese, J.M. Camilo-Alves, C. Chamaillé-Jammes, S. Chiaradia, A. Davidson, S.C Dennis, T. Destefano, S. Diefenbach, D. Douglas-Hamilton, I. Fennesy, J. Fichtel, C. Fiedler, W. Fischer, C. Fischoff, I. Fleming, C.H. Ford, A. Fritz, S. 2018 Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements. Science 359 6374 466 469

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