Transport Psychology in Spain today

Transport Psychology in Spain today

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Transport Psychology in Spain today

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Pastor Soriano, Juan Carlos
This document is a artículoDate1998
Paper for the newsletter of the European Association of Psychology Applied to Transport (EUROPSYT) with a review of fundamental and applied research on Traffic and transport Psychology in Spain in areas such as cognitive processes and traffic safety, psychosocial aspects concerning attitudes, risk factors and special groups as professional drivers and young drivers, development of assessment instruments, transport alternatives such as trains and planes, as well as urban alternatives like buses, bicycles and pedestrians, accident research, driver selection, preventive Interventions, education, training and instruction, including such activities as advising, planning and research, especially regarding the behaviour of children as pedestrians, or law enforcement and surveillance and their acceptance by the various users.

    Pastor Soriano, Juan Carlos 1998 Transport Psychology in Spain today HIS Newsletter 59 73 76

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