Dark Matter and the Seesaw Scale

Dark Matter and the Seesaw Scale

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Dark Matter and the Seesaw Scale

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Fileviez Pérez, Pavel; Murgui Gálvez, Clara
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We discuss the possibility of finding an upper bound on the seesaw scale using the cosmological bound on the cold dark matter relic density. We investigate a simple relation between the origin of neutrino masses and the properties of a dark matter candidate in a simple theory where the new symmetry breaking scale defines the seesaw scale. Imposing the cosmological bounds, we find an upper bound of order multi-TeV on the lepton number violation scale. We investigate the predictions for direct and indirect detection dark matter experiments and the possible signatures at the Large Hadron Collider.

    Fileviez Pérez, Pavel Murgui Gálvez, Clara 2018 Dark Matter and the Seesaw Scale Physics Review D 98 5 055008-1 055008-9

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