El pelo como matriz toxicológica

El pelo como matriz toxicológica

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El pelo como matriz toxicológica

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Esparza López, Julio
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The determination of drugs of abuse in hair is now a routine technique in forensic toxicology laboratories; it has several advantages for the determination against other biological sample. It is an alternative biological sample that is, easily obtained, difficult to adulterate, does not require special storage conditions, and, furthermore, allows showing consumption prior to sampling. It possible gets wrong results with the different hair treatments. Its sensitivity and precision make this matrix have a very important future, although the analytical methods are not yet standardized; therefore, a correct interpretation of results must be performed, and the limitations of this biological sample must be taken into account.

    Esparza López, Julio. El pelo como matriz toxicológica. En: Gaceta internacional de ciencias forenses, 30 2019: 10-18

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