Evidentials as a mark of genre.

Evidentials as a mark of genre.

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Evidentials as a mark of genre.

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Albelda Marco, Marta
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This paper aims to study the different types and pragmatic functions of the Spanish evidential forms found in four discursive genres, in order to observe if any restrictions apply. All the evidentials are studied in a corpus containing 100,000 words, evenly distributed over colloquial conversations, press news, academic papers, and parliamentary debates. Specifically, together with the pragmatic functions of these evidentials, the four dimensions mode of knowing, type of source, accessibility, and degree of precision are analysed. The results reveal different tendencies in the use of evidentials, depending on the genre, and support the claim that the behaviour of evidentials is conditioned by the specific characteristics of each genre.

    Albelda Marco, Marta 2018 Evidentials as a mark of genre. Pragmatics And Society 9 3 429 453

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