La identidad Neozapatista como proceso comunicativo

La identidad Neozapatista como proceso comunicativo

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La identidad Neozapatista como proceso comunicativo

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Bellido Peris, Federico
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2018

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This article studies the speech and the political action of the Zapatista movement, considering both as a communicative practice that is articulated among a plurality of uses and ?cultural matrices? (Martín Barbero, 1987) in what has constituted the Neozapatista social subject. Firstly, the discursive aspects of the Zapatista statements are reviewed, with their narrative strategies, key representations and conditions of reproduction. Secondly, an emphasis is made on the systematic study of its political-media trajectory throughout its already long history, analyzing the conventions, the encounters and other Zapatista actions and political initiatives. The results offer an overview about the identity construction of a social subject of polysemic nature that forges itself to the heat of a communicative process that lies with a plurality of groups and individuals of various nature.

    Bellido Peris, Federico. La identidad Neozapatista como proceso comunicativo. En: Kamchatka: revista de análisis cultural, 12 2018: 11-37

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