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Creatable universes

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Ferrando Bargues, Joan J.; Lapiedra Civera, Ramón; Morales Lladosa, Juan Antonio
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We consider the question of properly defining energy and momenta for nonasymptotic Minkowskian spaces in general relativity. Only spaces of this type, whose energy, linear 3-momentum, and intrinsic angular momentum vanish, would be candidates for creatable universes, that is, for universes which could have arisen from a vacuum quantum fluctuation. Given a universe, we completely characterize the family of coordinate systems for which one could sensibly say that this universe is a creatable universe.

    Ferrando Bargues, Joan J. Lapiedra Civera, Ramón Morales Lladosa, Juan Antonio 2007 Creatable universes Physical Review D 75 124003-1 124003-8

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