Symmetric frames on Lorentzian spaces

Symmetric frames on Lorentzian spaces

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Symmetric frames on Lorentzian spaces

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Coll, Bartolomé; Morales Lladosa, Juan Antonio
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Symmetric frames (those whose vectors are metrically indistinguishable) are studied both, from the algebraic and differential points of view. Symmetric frames which, in addition, remain indistinguishable for a given set of concomitants of the metric are analyzed, and the necessary and sufficient conditions for a space‐time to admit them are given. A new version of the cosmological principle then follows. Natural symmetric frames (induced by local charts) are also considered, and the space‐times admitting them are obtained.

    Coll, Bartolomé Morales Lladosa, Juan Antonio 1991 Symmetric frames on Lorentzian spaces Journal of Mathematical Physics 32 9 2450 2455

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