Osteoma osteoide : estudio de 14 casos

Osteoma osteoide : estudio de 14 casos

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Osteoma osteoide : estudio de 14 casos

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Galán Labaca, V.; Gómez Luzuroaga, M.A.; Armendariz Mendizabal, P.; Arrate Barragan, F.; Zabalza Estévez, I.
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The osteoid Osteoma is relatively a non uncommon benign tumour whose radiological and clinical findings usually present diagnosis problems. 14 cases of this tumour have been treated at this Orthopaedic Department along the. last 10 years. The block resection of the tumoral nidus seems to be the electcd treatment, not having observed any recurrencies.

    Galán Labaca, V. ; Gómez Luzuroaga, M.A. ; Armendariz Mendizabal, P. ; Arrate Barragan, F. ; Zabalza Estévez, I.. Osteoma osteoide : estudio de 14 casos. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 21 124 1986: 305-308

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