Podograma : valor diagnostico y pronostico

Podograma : valor diagnostico y pronostico

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Podograma : valor diagnostico y pronostico

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Pérez Delgado, L.; Murcia Mazón, Antonio
This document is a artículo publicadoDate1987

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The aothors report on podograme ( «foot print») in 109 children of 3 to 9 years of age taken from a school popolation of 489 children. They are divided into different groops of 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 years of age. The aothors conclode that at the age of 4 there is a higher possibility for a pes planos ( «flatfoot») to appear, and at 5 years of age in the case of girls. Those children affected with pes cavos happen to be taller than they shoold actoally be. The pes planos' podogram di~appear at the age of 7. The pes cavos' podograme still remain. The pes planos' podograme in those onder the age of 7 shoold not mean a compolsory medica! treatment at all.

    Pérez Delgado, L. ; Murcia Mazón, Antonio. Podograma : valor diagnostico y pronostico. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 22 128 1987: 79-84

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