Tratamiento profiláctico por anaerobios con oxígeno hiperbárico

Tratamiento profiláctico por anaerobios con oxígeno hiperbárico

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Tratamiento profiláctico por anaerobios con oxígeno hiperbárico

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Bento Gerard, Julio; Lison Torres, A.; Clavel, Carlos; Santonja Medina, Fernando
This document is a artículo publicadoDate1988

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The authors report their experience in the use of hyperbaric camera in the management of anaerobic infections after important traumatisms throughout the period of time 1984-1985. A double blind study is carried out. The first group includes those patients under treatment with hyperbaric oxygen, once the anaerobic infection has been detected. The second group is formed by patients who received, during the 24 hours after the accident, profilactic treatment in the hyperbaric camera. The results obtained in the first group were 84'3% good, whilst in the second group there were no cases of anaerobic infection. Therefore, these results Jed authors believe that the use of hyperbaric oxygen must be applied in a profilactic way during the first 24 hours after the traumatism, in conjunction with an antibiotherapy and a good surgical procedure. Key Words:

    Bento Gerard, Julio ; Lison Torres, A. ; Clavel, Carlos ; Santonja Medina, Fernando. Tratamiento profiláctico por anaerobios con oxígeno hiperbárico. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 23 135 1988: 203-208

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