Factores de Riesgo en la Osteoporosis

Factores de Riesgo en la Osteoporosis

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Factores de Riesgo en la Osteoporosis

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Ruiz de la Cuesta, Félix; Juste Ruiz, Mercedes; Laguia, M.
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Osteoporosis is an important pathologic state dueto the large number of peo ple who suffer from it ali o ver the wold It is linked to the increase of the survival rate and cause serious socioeconomic problems. It is of great value to know its risk factors so that, avoiding them maximun it mays minimize the loss of osseus tissue and its complications. Sixty patients were studied, forty of them affected of clinical osteoporosis, realizing the marrow relation between the illness and the risk factors such as sex menopause, sun exposure, diet and physical activity.

    Ruiz de la Cuesta, Félix ; Juste Ruiz, Mercedes ; Laguia, M.. Factores de Riesgo en la Osteoporosis. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 24 139 1989: 37-42

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