Disociación espino-pélvica : a propósito de un caso

Disociación espino-pélvica : a propósito de un caso

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Disociación espino-pélvica : a propósito de un caso

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Vera Giménez, E.; Valiente Valero, J.M.; Esteve Durá, M.; Arlandis Villarroya, Santiago; Pérez-Hickman Muñoz, J.; García López, A.
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Spinopelvic dissociation is a relatively unknown injury, probably underdiagnosed. The term is applied to those fractures of the sacrum which combines a transverse fracture with sagittal fracture in both sacral wings, resulting in a mechanical separation between the spine and the pelvis. It?s really important to be alert in a high energy multiple trauma. The treatment of choice, except exceptions, is surgery. About associated complications, we must detect preoperative neurological injury of these patients due to it will be the main determinant of the long-term prognosis. The objective of this review it is to introduce this rare pathology with important implications through a clinical case.

    Vera Giménez, E. ; Valiente Valero, J.M. ; Esteve Durá, M. ; Arlandis Villarroya, Santiago ; Pérez-Hickman Muñoz, J. ; García López, A.. Disociación espino-pélvica : a propósito de un caso. En: Revista española de cirugía osteoarticular, 52 271 2018: 38-43

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