Bodas de Sangre : Realismo, lirismo y metáfora

Bodas de Sangre : Realismo, lirismo y metáfora

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Bodas de Sangre : Realismo, lirismo y metáfora

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Jódar Sánchez, José Antonio
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Our didactic proposal consists of a series of activities on language, grammar and metaphors for advanced students of Spanish («Key Stage 4» in the British education system). The objectives of the proposal are to make students become acquainted with the tragedy Bodas de Sangre by García-Lorca. Similarly, we aim at consolidating the students? knowledge of word classes and tenses. They will also be trained in spotting and interpreting metaphors in literary texts. The activities can be completed in 3 sessions of an hour. The core part of the proposal is comprised of work on authentic materials like the original piece of news which inspired García-Lorca to write his tragedy, the monologue of the moon, and the film adaption of it. Keywords: Bodas de Sangre; Federico García Lorca; newspaper article; past, future and imperative tenses; metaphors.

    Jódar Sánchez, José Antonio. Bodas de Sangre : Realismo, lirismo y metáfora. En: Foro de profesores de E/LE, 12 12 2016: 109-118

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