Voz pasiva perifrástica. Una propuesta didáctica

Voz pasiva perifrástica. Una propuesta didáctica

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Voz pasiva perifrástica. Una propuesta didáctica

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Rodríguez Pastor, César Luis; Castro Verdala, Verónica
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2013

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This educational proposal focuses on a specific grammatical aspect: the periphrastic passive voice. The execution has been carried out by taking into account the requirements of the Common European Framework and the Plan Curricular of the Cervantes Institute. A collection of activities have been designed for this within the task-based approach. The students start learning how the passive voice is formed in a deductive way within the context of articles of newspapers, since it is one of fields of written language where this grammatical aspect appears. These activities are shown gradually, offering a real context to the student. We have selected this context because, within the different ones where students can find the periphrastic passive voice, is the closest one to their lives.

    Rodríguez Pastor, César Luis ; Castro Verdala, Verónica. Voz pasiva perifrástica. Una propuesta didáctica. En: Foro de profesores de E/LE, 9 2013: 145-151

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