¿Sabes contar chistes?

¿Sabes contar chistes?

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¿Sabes contar chistes?

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Aliaga Aguza, Laura María
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2013

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Humor is a phenomenon that helps in our personal relationships and, as well as culture, we acquire it as we grow. Each country has a different humor. Therefore, this is an aspect that teachers should not forget when teaching a language. With this paper we want students to learn how to recognize and produce jokes. To do so, we selected several short jokes where hilarious effect is achieved through linguistic resources such as polysemy and homonymy, graphical and phonics; or, idioms, nicknames or error in the spelling. Through various activities the student will recognize the mechanisms that are used to create humor in the jokes, and finally create for themselves these types of texts.

    Aliaga Aguza, Laura María. ¿Sabes contar chistes?. En: Foro de profesores de E/LE, 9 2013: 11-20

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