Overcoming the oblivion of technology in physics education

Overcoming the oblivion of technology in physics education

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Overcoming the oblivion of technology in physics education

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Gil Pérez, Daniel; Vilches Peña, Amparo Perfil; Ferreira, Carlos
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Technology is generally viewed as ‘applied science’, that is to say, as something that comes ‘after’ science. This conception justifies the lack of attention paid to technology in science education, especially where physics education is concerned. In this chapter we question this simplistic view of the science-technology relationship, historically rooted in the unequal appreciation of intellectual and manual work, and we try to show how the absence of the technological dimension in science education contributes to a naïve and distorted view of science which deeply affects the necessary scientific and technological literacy of all citizens, as well as the preparation of the future scientists and technicians that our societies demand.

    GIL-PÉREZ, D., VILCHES, A. & FERREIRA-GAUCHÍA, C. (2008). Overcoming the Oblivion of Technology in Physics Education. In Vicentini, M. & Sassi, E. (Editors) Connecting Research in Physics Education with Teacher Education. ICPE (International Commission on Physics Education.http://web.phys.ksu.edu/icpe/Publications/teach2/index.html
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