Brachytherapy in lip cancer

Brachytherapy in lip cancer

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Brachytherapy in lip cancer

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Rovirosa Casino, Angeles; Planas Toledano, Isabel; Ferre Jorge, Jorge; Oliva Díez, José María; Conill Llobet, Carlos; Arenas, Meritxell
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Lip cancer is one of the most prevalent skin tumours of the head and neck. The characteristics of the tumour relate to their exophyitic growth in an area of easy visual acces which allows their diagnosis in early stages. As a result, there is a better prognosis with the present treatments. In early stages the treatment can be performed by surgery or by brachytherapy, and the results are similar on local control; nevertheless brachytherapy offers the best functional and esthetic results. We are reporting on a review of the literature in relation to indications, techniques and results of brachytherapy for lip cancer

    Rovirosa Casino, Angeles ; Planas Toledano, Isabel ; Ferre Jorge, Jorge ; Oliva Díez, José María ; Conill Llobet, Carlos ; Arenas, Meritxell. Brachytherapy in lip cancer. En: Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal. Ed. inglesa, 11 3 2006: 1-

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