Follicular adenomatoid odontogenic tumor : immunohistochemical study

Follicular adenomatoid odontogenic tumor : immunohistochemical study

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Follicular adenomatoid odontogenic tumor : immunohistochemical study

Show simple item record Vera Sempere, Francisco José es Artes Martínez, María José es Vera Sirera, Beatriz es Bonet Marco, Jaime es 2017-11-28T13:33:49Z 2017-11-28T13:33:49Z 2006 es
dc.description.abstract Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (AOT) is an uncommon benign odontogenic lesion that affects young patients, with female predominance, mainly in second decade, showing a radiolucent unilocular image associated with an unerupted tooth, usually a canine. In spite of previous and confusing denominations, such as adenoameloblastoma or adenomatoid ameloblastic tumor, AOT is a benign tumor with a very low rate of recurrence, that show a peculiar morphological picture (basaloid appearance with glandular-like structures, calcifying areas, and amiloid-like material) that allow its histopathological recognition. We present a clinicopathological analysis of a case of follicular AOT affecting the mandible in a 9 years-old female patient associated with unerupted lower left canine. Immunohistochemical study showed some data previously unrecognised. All cellular types that composed AOT showed nuclear positivity for p63 indicating a basal characterization in the different cellular components. According to its benign character and low potential for recurrence, AOT revealed a scant proliferative activity (2-3% nuclei showed Ki-67 positivity) limited to some epithelial nodules (AE1-3 +) of fusiform appearance. Absence of reactivity for hormonal receptors (RE and RPg) excluded a possible hormonodependence in AOT that could explain the observed female predominance. es
dc.source Vera Sempere, Francisco José ; Artes Martínez, María José ; Vera Sirera, Beatriz ; Bonet Marco, Jaime. Follicular adenomatoid odontogenic tumor : immunohistochemical study. En: Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal. Ed. inglesa, 11 4 2006: 2- es
dc.title Follicular adenomatoid odontogenic tumor : immunohistochemical study es
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