Tonsillolith : a report of three clinical cases

Tonsillolith : a report of three clinical cases

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Tonsillolith : a report of three clinical cases

Show simple item record Moura, Mariela Dura Gontijo de es Madureira, Davidson Fróis es Noman Ferreira, Luiz Cláudio es Abdo, Evandro Neves es Aguiar, Evandro Guimarães de es Freire, Addah Regina da Silva es 2017-11-23T07:47:46Z 2017-11-23T07:47:46Z 2007 es
dc.description.abstract Tonsillolith is a rare dystrophic calcification as a result of chronic inflammation of the tonsils. Three asymptomatic cases of tonsillolith are reported, incidentally discovered through panoramic radiographs, which showed different sizes of radiopaque images, varying from 2 to 5mm; cases I and III images did not overlap the mandible ramus, which led to a probable diagnosis of soft tissue calcification. Case II had radiopaque unilateral images, with osseous tissue density, overlapping the mandibular ramus, leading to a benign intra-osseous lesion, which was considered as differential diagnosis. No symptoms were reported in any case. Only case I had clinical characteristics, showing highly consistent white plaques partially visible through the mucosa. Computed tomography of the maxillofacial region/head and neck were requested to find out the exact location of these images, since most of the overlapping radiopaque images in the mandibular ramus were very similar to intra-osseous abnormalities. The computed tomography showed hyperdense images in the palatine tonsils, confirming the diagnosis of tonsillolith. The patients are currently under follow-up. No treatment is required if there is no symptom. In conclusion, tonsillolith might show images on panoramic radiographs similar to intra osseous abnormalities. The diagnosis is relatively easy when computed tomography is requested, although the images are not pathognomonic. Therefore, clinicians should consider other pathologies as differential diagnosis. es
dc.source Moura, Mariela Dura Gontijo de ; Madureira, Davidson Fróis ; Noman Ferreira, Luiz Cláudio ; Abdo, Evandro Neves ; Aguiar, Evandro Guimarães de ; Freire, Addah Regina da Silva. Tonsillolith : a report of three clinical cases. En: Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal. Ed. inglesa, 12 2 2007: 10- es
dc.title Tonsillolith : a report of three clinical cases es
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dc.subject.unesco UNESCO::CIENCIAS MÉDICAS es
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