Mental Contents in a World of Causes

Mental Contents in a World of Causes

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Mental Contents in a World of Causes

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Corbí, Josep E. Perfil; Prades, J.L.
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A fundamental issue in cognitive science is whether mental contents are causally efficacious and, therefore, should be preserved in scientific psychology. In this paper, we pursue some aspects of this issue by examining Fred Dretske's recent contributions to it. He defends the causal efficacy of mental content *qua* mental content, but imposes an important constraint: mental contents can operate as structuring, but not as triggering causes. We shall argue, by contrast, that mental contents can also intervene as triggering causes.

    Corbí, J.E y Prades, J.L. 1995, 'Mental Contents in a World of Causes', en J. Hill y P. Kotatko (eds.), Karlovy-Vary Studies in Reference and Meaning. Praga, Philosophy Publications, pp. 148-171

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