The role of emotions in depression and aggression

The role of emotions in depression and aggression

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The role of emotions in depression and aggression

Show simple item record Llorca Mestre, Anna es Malonda Vidal, Elisabeth es Samper García, Paula es 2017-07-21T07:51:48Z 2017-07-21T07:51:48Z 2016 es
dc.description.abstract Depression is a broad and heterogeneous diagnostic grouping, central to which is depressed mood or inability to enjoy most activities. Depressive symptoms are frequently accompanied by conduct problems stemming from anger. It is very important to know the interrelation of these emotions very well to be able to help adolescents to manage them more easily. The main aim of this article is to present the problem of interaction between negative affects (emotional instability, anger state and trait, physical and verbal aggression and depression) analyzing the different relationship through the time in spanish sample. The sample included 470 adolescents (192 boys and 225 girls) in a three-wave longitudinal study in Valencia (Spain). The mean age was 14.70 in the first wave. Structural equations modelling was employed to explore two longitudinal models. The results show differences based on sex, and that an internalised variable, like emotional instability, is relevant to prevent the appearance of depression directly in girls and also the later appearance of aggression as long as anger mediates, in both boys and girls, so the control of anger becomes an important goal to control the rest of the negative affects. This results has consequences in the preparation of all programmes that try to establish an emotional control on adolescents, as not only has to be taken into account as a direct goal the control of externalised emotions like anger, but internalised emotions like emotional instability have to be taken into account also. Furthermore, it is also made apparent that not only the punctual explosions and externalisation of anger have to be worked on, but the temperamental aspects which are the base of anger trait have to be worked on too. es
dc.source Llorca Mestre, Anna ; Malonda Vidal, Elisabeth ; Samper García, Paula. The role of emotions in depression and aggression. En: Medicina oral, patología oral y cirugía bucal. Ed. inglesa, 21 5 2016: 5- es
dc.title The role of emotions in depression and aggression es
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dc.subject.unesco UNESCO::CIENCIAS MÉDICAS es
dc.identifier.doi 10.4317/medoral.21561 es

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