Right-handed neutrino magnetic moments

Right-handed neutrino magnetic moments

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Right-handed neutrino magnetic moments

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Aparici Benages, Alberto; Kim, Kyungwook; Santamaria, Arcadi Perfil; Wudka, José
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We consider the most general dimension 5 effective Lagrangian that can be built using only Standard Model fields plus right-handed neutrinos, and find that there exists a term that provides electroweak moments (i.e., couplings to the Z and photon) for the right-handed neutrinos. Such term has not been described previously in the literature. We discuss its phenomenology and the bounds that can be derived from LEP results and from the observation of the cooling process of red giants and supernovae.

    Aparici Benages, Alberto Kim, Kyungwook Santamaria, Arcadi Wudka, José 2010 Right-handed neutrino magnetic moments Journal of physics. Conference series 259 1 1 6

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