Tau decays to pions

Tau decays to pions

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Tau decays to pions

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Kühn, Johann H.; Santamaria, Arcadi Perfil
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Semileptonic τ decays to two and three pions are considered. Based on recent data for the pion form factor a new prediction for Γ(τ→vπ-0)/Γ(τ→veve) of 1.32±0.05 is derived. The chiral model-supplemented by vector dominance-is used to predict rate and differential distributions for the three pion mode in good agreement with present data. The parity violating asymmetry which has been predicted theoretically and observed experimentally is studied and found to be fairly insensitive towards the details of the model for the hadronic decays.

    Kühn, Johann H. Santamaria, Arcadi 1990 Tau decays to pions Zeitschrift für Physik C-Particles and Fields 48 3 445 452

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