La narrativa breu de Josep Lozano

La narrativa breu de Josep Lozano

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La narrativa breu de Josep Lozano

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Gregori Soldevila, Carme Perfil
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This article studies Josep Lozano¿s short fiction as a whole. It can be organised into three great narrative lines: historic fiction, the depiction of local reality as a figment and the writing of dreams. This study does also describe this short fiction pieces taking into account the poetics of brevity, pointing out the time of discourse and how characters are depicted. Finally, loneliness is underlined as the central topic of Josep Lozano¿s short fiction world. This research helps us to integrate short fiction along Lozano¿s novels harmoniously, although it specifies its particular features as short stories.

    Gregori Soldevila, Carme 2014 La narrativa breu de Josep Lozano Estudios Hispánicos (Kraków) 22 13 26

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