Integral display for non-static observers

Integral display for non-static observers

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Integral display for non-static observers

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Dorado, Adrián; Hong, Seokmin; Saavedra Tortosa, Genaro; Martínez Corral, Manuel Perfil; Javidi, Bahram
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We propose to combine the Kinect and the Integral-Imaging technologies for the implementation of Integral Display. The Kinect device permits the determination, in real time, of (x,y,z) position of the observer relative to the monitor. Due to the active condition of its IR technology, the Kinect provides the observer position even in dark environments. On the other hand, SPOC 2.0 algorithm permits to calculate microimages adapted to the observer 3D position. The smart combination of these two concepts permits the implementation, for the first time we believe, of an Integral Display that provides the observer with color 3D images of real scenes that are viewed with full parallax and which are adapted dynamically to its 3D position.

    Dorado, Adrián Hong, Seokmin Saavedra Tortosa, Genaro Martínez Corral, Manuel Javidi, Bahram 2017 Integral display for non-static observers Proceedings of the SPIE 10219 12-1 12-6

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