A Note on k-generalized projections

A Note on k-generalized projections

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A Note on k-generalized projections

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Lebtahi, Leila; Thome, Néstor
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In this note, we investigate characterizations for k-generalized projections (i.e., A^k =A*) on Hilbert spaces. The obtained results generalize those for generalized projections on Hilbert spaces in [Hong-Ke Du, Yuan Li, The spectral characterization of generalized projections, Linear Algebra Appl. 400 (2005) 313-318] and those for matrices in [J. Benítez, N. Thome, Characterizations and linear combinations of k-generalized projectors, Linear Algebra Appl. 410 (2005) 150-159].

    Lebtahi, Leila Thome, Néstor 2007 A Note on k-generalized projections Linear Algebra and its Applications 420 2,3 572 575

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