The ANTARES telescope neutrino alert system

The ANTARES telescope neutrino alert system

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The ANTARES telescope neutrino alert system

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ANTARES Collaboration; Aguilar Sánchez, Juan Antonio; Bigongiari, C.; Dornic, Damien; Emanuele, U.; Gómez González, Juan Pablo; Hernández Rey, Juan José Perfil; Mangano, Salvatore; Ruiz-Rivas Onsés, Joaquín; Salesa Greus, Francisco; Sánchez Losa, Agustín; Toscano, S.; Yepes Ramírez, Harold; Zornoza Gómez, Juan de Dios Perfil; Zúñiga Román, Juan
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The ANTARES telescope has the capability to detect neutrinos produced in astrophysical transient sources. Potential sources include gamma-ray bursts, core collapse supernovae, and flaring active galactic nuclei. To enhance the sensitivity of ANTARES to such sources, a new detection method based on coincident observations of neutrinos and optical signals has been developed. A fast online muon track reconstruction is used to trigger a network of small automatic optical telescopes. Such alerts are generated for special events, such as two or more neutrinos, coincident in time and direction, or single neutrinos of very high energy.

    ANTARES Collaboration Aguilar Sánchez, Juan Antonio Bigongiari, C. Dornic, Damien Emanuele, U. Gómez González, Juan Pablo Hernández Rey, Juan José Mangano, Salvatore Ruiz-Rivas Onsés, Joaquín Salesa Greus, Francisco Sánchez Losa, Agustín Toscano, S. Yepes Ramírez, Harold Zornoza Gómez, Juan de Dios Zúñiga Román, Juan 2012 The ANTARES telescope neutrino alert system Astroparticle Physics 35 8 530 536

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