CP nonconservation at he Z0 Peak

CP nonconservation at he Z0 Peak

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CP nonconservation at he Z0 Peak

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Bernabeu Alberola, José; Gavela, María Belén; Santamaria, Arcadi
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The measurement of a nonvanishing asymmetry α≡[Γ(sb¯)−Γ(s¯b)][Γ(sb¯)+Γ(s¯b)] would signal CP nonconservation in Z0 decays. We study here this effect within the standard model. In the three-generation case, the α value comes out small because of the effective degeneracy of u and c quarks at these high energies. In the four-generation case, results are encouraging for the CERN e+e− collider LEP: One could have a branching ratio of this flavor-changing decay to the flavor-conserving one of ∼10−6 and reach α values near unity.
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