On the description of nonunitary neutrino mixing

On the description of nonunitary neutrino mixing

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On the description of nonunitary neutrino mixing

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Escrihuela Ferrándiz, Francisco Javier; Vanegas Forero, David; Miranda, O.G.; Tórtola Baixauli, María Amparo Perfil; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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Neutrino oscillations are well established and the relevant parameters determined with good precision, except for the CP phase, in terms of a unitary lepton mixing matrix. Seesaw extensions of the Standard Model predict unitarity deviations due to the admixture of heavy isosinglet neutrinos. We provide a complete description of the unitarity and universality deviations in the light-neutrino sector. Neutrino oscillation experiments involving electron or muon neutrinos and antineutrinos are fully described in terms of just three new real parameters and a new CP phase, in addition to the ones describing oscillations with unitary mixing. Using this formalism we describe the implications of nonunitarity for neutrino oscillations and summarize the model-independent constraints on heavy-neutrino couplings that arise from current experiments.

    Escrihuela Ferrándiz, Francisco Javier Vanegas Forero, David Miranda, O.G. Tórtola Baixauli, María Amparo Furtado Valle, José Wagner 2015 On the description of nonunitary neutrino mixing Physical Review D 92 5 053009

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