The T2K experiment

The T2K experiment

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The T2K experiment

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T2K Collaboration; Abe, K.; Cervera Villanueva, Anselmo; Escudero Sánchez, Lorena; Gómez Cadenas, Juan José Perfil; Hansen, C.; Monfregola, Laura; Sorel, Michel; Stamoulis, Panagiotis
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The T2K experiment is a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment. Its main goal is to measure the last unknown lepton sector mixing angle theta(13) by observing nu(e) appearance in a nu(mu) beam. It also aims to make a precision measurement of the known oscillation parameters, Delta m(23)(2) and sin(2)2 theta(23), via nu(mu) disappearance studies. Other goals of the experiment include various neutrino cross-section measurements and sterile neutrino searches. The experiment uses an intense proton beam generated by the J-PARC accelerator in Tokai, Japan, and is composed of a neutrino beamline, a near detector complex (ND280), and a far detector (Super-Kamiokande) located 295 km away from J-PARC. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the instrumentation aspect of the T2K experiment and a summary of the vital information for each subsystem.

    T2K Collaboration Abe, K. Cervera Villanueva, Anselmo Escudero Sánchez, Lorena Gómez Cadenas, Juan José Hansen, C. Monfregola, Laura Sorel, Michel Stamoulis, Panagiotis 2011 The T2K experiment Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section A-Accelerators Spectrometers Detectors and Associated Equipment 659 1 106 135

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