Minimal supergravity with R-parity breaking

Minimal supergravity with R-parity breaking

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Minimal supergravity with R-parity breaking

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Díaz, Marco Aurelio; Romao, J. C.; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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We show that the minimal R-parity breaking model characterized by an effective bilinear violation of R-parity in the superpotential is consistent with minimal N=1 supergravity unification with radiative breaking of the electroweak symmetry and universal scalar and gaugino masses. This one-parameter extension of the MSSM-SUGRA model provides therefore the simplest reference model for the breaking of R-parity and constitutes a consistent truncation of the complete dynamical models with spontaneous R-parity breaking proposed previously. We comment on the lowest-lying CP-even Higgs boson mass and discuss its minimal N=1 supergravity limit, determine the ranges of tanβ and bottom quark Yukawa couplings allowed in the model, as well as the relation between the tau neutrino mass and the bilinear R-parity violating parameter.

    Díaz, Marco Aurelio Romao, J. C. Furtado Valle, José Wagner 1998 Minimal supergravity with R-parity breaking Nuclear Physics B 524 1-2 23 40

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