Type-II supernovae and neutrino magnetic moments

Type-II supernovae and neutrino magnetic moments

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Type-II supernovae and neutrino magnetic moments

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Nunokawa, Hiroshi; Tomàs, Ricard; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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The present solar and atmospheric neutrino data together with the LSND results and the presence of hot dark matter (HDM) suggest the existence of a sterile neutrino at the eV scale. We have reanalysed the effect of resonant {\sl sterile} neutrino conversions induced by neutrino magnetic moments in a type-II supernova. We analyse the implications of νe−νs and ν¯e−ν¯s (νs denotes sterile neutrino) conversions for the supernova shock re-heating, the detected ν¯e signal from SN1987A and the r-process nucleosynthesis hypothesis. Using reasonable magnetic field profiles we determine the sensitivity of these three arguments to the relevant neutrino parameters, i.e. the value of the transition magnetic moment and the νe−νs mass difference Δm2≡Δm2LSND/HDM

    Nunokawa, Hiroshi Tomàs, Ricard Furtado Valle, José Wagner 1999 Type-II supernovae and neutrino magnetic moments Astroparticle Physics 11 3 317 325

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