Dynamical Left-Right Symmetry Breaking

Dynamical Left-Right Symmetry Breaking

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Dynamical Left-Right Symmetry Breaking

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Akhmedov, Evgeny Kh.; Lindner, Manfred; Schnapka, Erhard; Furtado Valle, José Wagner Perfil
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We study a left--right symmetric model which contains only elementary gauge boson and fermion fields and no scalars. The phenomenologically required symmetry breaking emerges dynamically leading to a composite Higgs sector with a renormalizable effective Lagrangian. We discuss the pattern of symmetry breaking and phenomenological consequences of this scenario. It is shown that a viable top quark mass can be achieved for the ratio of the VEVs of the bi--doublet tanβ≡κ/κ′ =~ 1.3--4. For a theoretically plausible choice of the parameters the right--handed scale can be as low as ∼20TeV; in this case one expects several intermediate and low--scale scalars in addition to the \SM Higgs boson. These may lead to observable lepton flavour violation effects including μ→eγ decay with the rate close to its present experimental upper bound.

    Akhmedov, Evgeny Kh. Lindner, Manfred Schnapka, Erhard Furtado Valle, José Wagner 1996 Dynamical Left-Right Symmetry Breaking Physical Review D 53 5 2752 2780

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