Weak decay of Lambda hypernuclei

Weak decay of Lambda hypernuclei

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Weak decay of Lambda hypernuclei

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Oset Báguena, Eulogio Perfil; Ramos Gómez, Àngels
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We review recent developments concerning the weak decay of Lambda hypernuclei. New studies covering the mesonic decay channel as well as recent models for the non-mesonic one are discussed and compared with experimental data. The puzzle of the neutron- to proton-induced decay ratio, Gamma_n/Gamma_p, is addressed in connection to the two-nucleon induced decay channel and proposals for more efficient experimental analyses of this ratio are made.

    Oset Báguena, Eulogio Ramos Gómez, Àngels 1998 Weak decay of Lambda hypernuclei Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 41 191 253

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