Three-body hadron systems with strangeness

Three-body hadron systems with strangeness

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Three-body hadron systems with strangeness

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Martínez Torres, Alberto; Khemchandani, K. P.; Jido, D.; Kanada-En'yo, Y.; Oset Báguena, Eulogio
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Recently, many efforts are being put in studying three-hadron systems made of mesons and baryons and interesting results are being found. In this talk, we summarize the main features of the formalism used to study such three hadron systems with strangeness S = -1, 0 within a framework built on the basis of unitary chiral theories and solution of the Faddeev equations. In particular, we present the results obtained for the pi(K) over barN, K (K) over barN and KK (K) over bar systems and their respective coupled channels. In the first case, we find four Sigma's and two A's with spin-parity J(P) = 1/2(+), in the 1500-1800 MeV region, as two meson-one baryon s-wave resonances. In the second case, a 1/2(+) N* around 1900 MeV is found. For the last one a kaon close to 1420 MeV is formed, which can be identified with K(1460).
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