Diminutives and plurals of Dutch nouns

Diminutives and plurals of Dutch nouns

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Diminutives and plurals of Dutch nouns

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Ten Hacken, Pius
This document is a artículo publicadoDate2013

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In Dutch dictionaries, nouns appear with their plural and their diminutive.This reflects the intuition among native speakers that a noun normally has thesetwo related forms. Traditionally, the plural is considered inflectional whereasthe diminutive belongs to word formation. In his Parallel Architecture (PA),Jackendoff (2002) does not distinguish word formation and inflection. Here Iargue that the Dutch contrast does not support this view. I first present pluraland diminutive as categories, then briefly introduce PA, before proposinganalyses of the plural and diminutive in Dutch.

    Ten Hacken, Pius. Diminutives and plurals of Dutch nouns. En: Quaderns de filologia. Estudis lingüístics, 2013, No. 18: 61

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