From loops to trees by-passing Feynman's theorem

From loops to trees by-passing Feynman's theorem

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From loops to trees by-passing Feynman's theorem

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Catani, Stefano; Gleisberg, Tanju; Krauss, Frank; Rodrigo García, Germán Vicente; Winter, Jan-Christopher
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We derive a duality relation between one-loop integrals and phase-space integrals emerging from them through single cuts. The duality relation is realized by a modification of the customary + i0 prescription of the Feynman propagators. The new prescription regularizing the propagators, which we write in a Lorentz covariant form, compensates for the absence of multiple-cut contributions that appear in the Feynman Tree Theorem. The duality relation can be applied to generic one-loop quantities in any relativistic, local and unitary field theories. We discuss in detail the duality that relates one-loop and tree-level Green's functions. We comment on applications to the analytical calculation of one-loop scattering amplitudes, and to the numerical evaluation of cross-sections at next-to-leading order.

    Catani, Stefano Gleisberg, Tanju Krauss, Frank Rodrigo García, Germán Vicente Winter, Jan-Christopher 2008 From loops to trees by-passing Feynman's theorem Journal of High Energy Physics 08 9 065

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