Foreword: New territories in word-formation

Foreword: New territories in word-formation

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Foreword: New territories in word-formation

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Bagasheva, Alexandra; Fernández Domínguez, Jesús; Renner, Vincent
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Word-formation is a domain of linguistics which has steadily evolved in the last decades under the influence of the wide availability of electronic corpora and of a renewed interest in contrastive approaches to morphological analysis. From the 1990s onwards, morphological studies have increasingly relied on corpus data. An initial point of interest was the domain of productivity measurement (see Baayen & Lieber 1991, Baayen & Renouf 1996), but resorting to corpora soon became a widespread practice, notably to document rare phenomena, which cannot be thoroughly discussed in the absence of a wealth of data (see Plénat et al. 2002).

    Bagasheva, Alexandra Fernández Domínguez, Jesús Renner, Vincent 2014 Foreword: New territories in word-formation Rivista di Linguistica 26 2 1 7

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