Charged Charmed Particle Lifetime

Charged Charmed Particle Lifetime

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Charged Charmed Particle Lifetime

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Adamovich, M. I.; Bolta Alandete, José Miguel; Castillo Giménez, María Victoria Perfil; Higón Rodríguez, Emilio Perfil; Martínez Mora, Juan A.; Sanchis Lozano, Miguel Ángel; Senent Pérez, Fernando; Bravo Sánchez, Laura; Niembro Bárcena, Ramón; Ruiz Jimeno, Alberto; Villar García, Eugenio
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We present the lifetime values obtained for D± and Λc+, photoproduced in nuclear emulsion in the WA58 experiment. In photohadronic interactions, pairs of charmed particles are produced. Out of 20 charged charmed particles used for lifetime evaluation, 17 have their charmed partner seen emulsion, being then essentially free from any background. The values of the lifetime are τD± = (3.91−1.25+2.35) × 10−13 s, τΛc+ = (2.22−0.75+1.34) × 10−13 s.

    Adamovich, M. I. Bolta Alandete, José Miguel Castillo Giménez, María Victoria Higón Rodríguez, Emilio Martínez Mora, Juan A. Sanchis Lozano, Miguel Ángel Senent Pérez, Fernando Bravo Sánchez, Laura Niembro Bárcena, Ramón Ruiz Jimeno, Alberto Villar García, Eugenio 1984 Charged Charmed Particle Lifetime Physics Letters B 140 1-2 119 122

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