eta-eta '-glueball mixing

eta-eta '-glueball mixing

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eta-eta '-glueball mixing

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Kiesewetter, Simon; Vento Torres, Vicente
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We have revisited glueball mixing with the pseudoscalar mesons in the MIT bag model scheme. The calculation has been performed in the spherical cavity approximation to the bag using two different fermion propagators, the cavity and the free propagators. We obtain probabilities of mixing for the eta at the level of 0.006%-2.0%, while for the eta' one at the level of 0.6%-40%, depending on the choice of bag radius and, therefore, of the strong coupling constant. Our results differ from previous calculations. The origin of our difference stems from the treatment of the time integrations. The comparison of our calculation with experimental data, which is consistent with small eta - eta' - G mixing, implies that the pseudoscalar glueball is small, R similar to 0.5-0.6 fm and has a large mass, M(G) similar to 2000-2500 MeV.

    Kiesewetter, Simon Vento Torres, Vicente 2010 eta-eta '-glueball mixing Physical Review D 82 3 034003

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