Monopolium: the key to monopoles

Monopolium: the key to monopoles

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Monopolium: the key to monopoles

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Epele, Luis N.; Fanchiotti, Huner; García Canal, Carlos A.; Vento Torres, Vicente
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Dirac showed that the existence of one magnetic pole in the universe could offer an explanation for the discrete nature of the electric charge. Magnetic poles appear naturally in most Grand Unified Theories. Their discovery would be of greatest importance for particle physics and cosmology. The intense experimental search carried thus far has not met with success. Moreover, if the monopoles are very massive their production is outside the range of present day facilities. A way out of this impasse would be if the monopoles bind to form monopolium, a monopole- antimonopole bound state, which is so strongly bound, that it has a relatively small mass. Under these circumstances it could be produced with present day facilities and the existence of monopoles could be indirectly proven. We study the feasibility of detecting monopolium in present and future accelerators.

    Epele, Luis N. Fanchiotti, Huner García Canal, Carlos A. Vento Torres, Vicente 2008 Monopolium: the key to monopoles European Physical Journal C 56 1 87 95

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