Quark model analysis of the Sivers function

Quark model analysis of the Sivers function

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Quark model analysis of the Sivers function

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Courtoy, Aurore; Fratini, Filippo; Scopetta, Sergio; Vento Torres, Vicente
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We develop a formalism to evaluate the Sivers function. The approach is well suited for calculations which use constituent quark models to describe the structure of the nucleon. A non-relativistic reduction of the scheme is performed and applied to the Isgur-Karl model of hadron structure. The results obtained are consistent with a sizable Sivers effect and the signs for the u and d flavor contributions turn out to be opposite. This pattern is in agreement with the one found analyzing, in the same model, the impact parameter dependent generalized parton distributions. The Burkardt Sum Rule turns out to be fulfilled to a large extent. We estimate the QCD evolution of our results from the momentum scale of the model to the experimental one and obtain reasonable agreement with the available data.

    Courtoy, Aurore Fratini, Filippo Scopetta, Sergio Vento Torres, Vicente 2008 Quark model analysis of the Sivers function Physical Review D 78 3 034002

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