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Emotions in E-Learning

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Emotions in E-Learning

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Rebollo-Catalán, Ángeles; García Pérez, Rafael; Barragán Sánchez, Raquel; Buzón García, Olga; Vega Caro, Luisa
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This paper presents the results of an educational innovation in Higher Education, whose aim is to design and test a pedagogical model for e-learning. This paper has the main aim to identify and evaluate emotional factors related to e-learning by means of a survey research. The results show emotional well-being scores higher than wrong-being, identifying a range of emotions, which are related to different emotional states in e-learning. In addition, we present features of teachers’ and students’ virtual discourses in forums of discussion starting from types of educational interaction and kind of emotions related to certain settings of learning activity.

    Rebollo-Catalán, Ángeles ; García Pérez, Rafael ; Barragán Sánchez, Raquel ; Buzón García, Olga ; Vega Caro, Luisa. Emotions in E-Learning. RELIEVE - E-Journal of Educational Research, Assessment and Evaluation; Vol 14, No 1 (2008).

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